Saturday, February 27, 2010

Charlton Hall

Pressed Glass in Roman Rosette Patt
Complete collection of Pressed Glass....Most in Roman Rosette Pattern...a few other pieces mixed in.

Hand Painted mark and Nippon Logo On bottom of vase

Nippon Vase......Flowers on other side are larger

Baumier & Mercier Bracelet Watch 14 K Gold

Watch closed

14 K gold club bracelet with 14K gold charms

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Getting Real with You and God

I've been in a quandry since I got back from Washington, DC.

The trip really affected me in ways I didn't address in the last blog.

Then I had a an AH-HA momment at church Sunday.

I wanted to share all that but I didn't want my children to think I was aiming anything at them.

So I started a new blog...... http//

and put my thoughts there.

Now methinks if I am not being real here......hang it can go read about the real me (or not)

But from now on I will be being real right here at Donnamo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Up with Me?

Ever since I got back from Washington, DC Friday, I've been out of sync.
I had a "good" time being with my grand kids, son and his wife. God provided a special tour of the Capitol for my granddaughter and I.....we got out ahead of the snowstorm....what was not to like as we say in today's vernacular.

Welllllllllll........It was like going in the cockpit of an airplane and seeing the pilots having martini's, fondling the stewardesses, texting and more....... all the while wearing their snappy pilot's uniforms and looking so businesslike while hundreds or maybe thousands of lives are at stake (if they should crash into a crowded city).

We ate lunch in the House of Representative's dining room. Lots of "suits"....male and female. Oh so busy and professional looking....eating their salads and yogurt....gotta watch your weight here in is ALL about appearance.

Granddaughter asked tour guide why the capitol looks so formal with all the columns and marble and domes and statues. His response was,"when visiting dignitaries and heads of state come to our country; we want them to be impressed."

Ain't it so! The dollar may be busted, the banks broke, housing and education a shambles, involved in two wars we can't win.....but we want to LOOK Prosperous.

And guess what.....I am no different.

Sunday our minister continued his series on "Family Matters". I was not planning to go for reasons I'll explain later. But my co-Sunday School Teacher had a sick child and I needed to fill in; once I'm there I figure I'll stay for preachin'. I am so glad I did.....God had something to say to me and all the rest of us.

Ephesians 6:1 Children Obey Your Parents in the Lord for this is Right.

He said: Obey :
  • quickly
  • willfully
  • cheerfully
If our obedience isn't these three things it isn't obedience. Ouch!

Honor your Parents:
  • They are God's Authority over us on Earth. Ouch!
  • Respect them for providing for you until you could provide for yourself.
  • Tell them you love them by your
    Attitude Actions and Words

Parents: EXPECT your children and grandchildren to honor and obey you. We are not to be their FRIEND until they are adults.

Children and grandchildren will only meet our lowest expectations.

Don't expect children to do something we are not modeling.

Don't act spiritual at church or on a mission trip and step of the bus and disrespect your parents.

And then the clincher......Romans 1:28-32 THE MESSAGE "IF you sin knowing what you are doing....hearing God's word is a waste of your time if you don't do what he commands. Doing not hearing is what makes a difference with God."

Now while I applaud (mentally) all that Tim said (I am a former school teacher and principal who has seen enough messed up kids and parents to last me a life time) and I so wanted to jump up and act like I was at the Super Bowl when the Saints intercepted for that last TD......BUT I knew that finger pointing at everyone else had four pointing back at ME.

I'm am terrible at obeying authority.....from my parents, to my husband, to my bosses, to GOD, I am as disobedient as they come. Not in your face, usually, but subtly, covertly, "its easier to get forgiveness than permission" has been my life motto. OUCH!

I am also terrible at honoring my parents and my 93 year old mother-in-law. My parents are dead but I can still dishonor them with my words and I have. What kind of example have I been to my children and grandchildren. TERRIBLE.

And so I have cried out to God for forgiveness. And for a MIRACLE.....a change of heart.

My Sunday School Class' lesson was on miracles. The kids had to write their definition of a miracle. Most missed the boat.......but two hit the nail on the head. A miracle is something that can only be done by GOD. (It is not a Sham Wow or some other gadget being advertised on tv.)

And so I pray.....Lord, I need a MIRACLE....our Country needs a miracle of revival (Getting Real).....our churches need a Miracle.....the WORLD needs a MIRACLE....a divine intervention.

Come Lord Jesus, Come. Change us and make us in your image. Amen.